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Thought provoking television inspires a legacy...

Thought provoking television inspires a legacy...

For Sandy Vogelgesang, career U.S. Foreign Service Officer and writer, one great way to reflect life-long interest in U.S. history and global challenges is establishing an endowed fund at WETA. That fund also helps Sandy honor her parents, Glenn and Louise Vogelgesang. They encouraged her to treasure her American roots, while discovering the world beyond her home in Ohio.

As the photo of Sandy and her husband Geoffrey Wolfe riding an elephant in Nepal suggests, she did indeed leave Ohio! Her assignment as U.S. Ambassador to Nepal capped a thirty-year career with the U.S. Department of State. During that career, she focused on such global challenges as protection of human rights and the environment. Since leaving the Foreign Service, she has become an author (writing two books and many articles on foreign policy) and a civic activist in Montgomery County, where she lives with her family.

Sandy hopes that her bequest can help encourage others to support WETA – for two reasons. First, it's a chance to say "thank you"! Sandy thinks that WETA is unique.

"It is our voice in the Nation's Capital, a station of and for the public. Its high-quality programming makes us think and spurs us to action."

"Where else," asks Sandy, "can we find the likes of Bill Moyers or American Masters?"

Second, Sandy wants to help WETA stay strong and expand future outreach. She believes that it takes dedication, courage and more public support to produce thought-provoking television – especially in a time of budget cuts and political cross-currents. Her bottom line: "Help WETA maintain its independent voice and inspiring vision for generations to come!"