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The Elizabeth P. Campbell Legacy Society

Many individuals feel so strongly about the future of WETA TV 26 and Classical WETA 90.9 FM that they have included the station in their estate plan through a Will, trust, insurance policy, retirement plan, or have established a charitable gift annuity with the station. WETA thanks these individuals for their commitment and is honored to include them in the Elizabeth P. Campbell Legacy Society.

Anonymous (38)
Dr. Alice A. Adams
Mary Carolyn Adler
John and Susan Allen
Lucy and Rudy Arkin
Jo Ann Post Barlow
Megan and Donald Beyer
Ms. Katharine R. Bigelow
Mary C. Blake
Dr. George P. and Mrs. Bonnie M. Bogumill
Philip Brandis
Mr. Randall Brooks
Ms. Nomie Budelier
Michael and Kristina Caplin
Sally Caulfield
Michael Jay Chusmir and Deborah McPherson Chusmir
Carol and Jim Compton
Mrs. Lucy Jane Conger
Rowland Cross
Bill DeGraff
Susan DiGiacinto
Katherine A. Downs
Enid Dryer
Debbie Eliason
Mr. Thomas W. Fina and Mrs. Elenor L. Fina
Ms. Sherry Fisher
Biff and Paula Franks
Geoffrey and Barbara Fritzler
Mr. Edward F. Gerber
Mrs. Chareclia Gjoni
Susan Gordon
Dr. Helene R. Guttman
Nancy E. Gwinn and John Y. Cole, Jr.
Dr. Lee P. Haacker
Lucille Hamblen
John and Julie Hamre
Polly F. Harrison
Molly Perkins Hauck
Margaret Hodges
Mr. John B. Horner
William P. and Rhoda Hunter
Mrs. Mary E. Johnston
Ms. Kay Jones
Dr. Arthur M. Katz and Ms. Sima R. Osdoby
Mrs. Margot Kelly
Drs. Susan and Perry Klein
Sheryl Lahti and Elona Findelstein
Lynne and Joseph Lentz
Ms. Eleanor L. Linkous
Dr. Lynn G. Llewellyn
Elaine Marcuse
Rebecca E. Quirk
Constance R. McAdam
Sally and Alan Merten
Misha Bear
Nell Minow and David Apatoff
Dr. Robert Misbin
Richard Ogden and Laura Ogden
Christopher Pankow
Gloria Parloff
Susan M. Pearce
Ms. Robin Phillips
Linda M. Rancourt
Carol Ann Reich
Susan Richmond and Robert Livernash
Margaret P. Riesz
Susan E. Roberts
Sharon Percy Rockefeller and Senator John D. Rockefeller IV
Mrs. Cynthia Rufty
Mary Jane Ruhl
Carol Ruppel
Ms. Marysol S. Scott
Gene F. Seevers
William H. and Glenna D. Shawn Family Trust
Dr. Bernard Slosberg and Ms. Mary Chor
Dawn M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Smith
Ms. Helen P. Starr
Malan S. Strong
Thomas H. Stutzman
Mrs. Nancy E. Symington
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Tang
Darlene K. Thomas
Ms. Victoria H. Timian
Mr. Rick Trevino and Mr. William Pearson
Sandy Vogelgesang
Donald and Katherine Vore
Richard and Bonnie Wan
B.J. Warren
Sally West Potter
Mr. Thomas Wilcox and Mrs. Evelyn Wilcox
Mrs. Bernard I. Witt
Ellen Wormser
Teresa Karnes Wren